Windswept Landscape Studios  
Fall 2004
Landscape gardens comprise many elements within an outdoor space. Most of
these landscape elements provide a visual impact for the garden. Other parts not only
provide a visually pleasing statement, but also provide movement and sound for a garden. One such element to consider when planning
a landscape that appeals to these senses would be the inclusion of a water feature.
Whether it is a small urn or a babbling stream, water water features provide an instant cooling effect adding another dimension to
an outdoor space. Movement within a water feature not only provides a cooling sense to a landscape, but also provides soothing sounds.
This tranquil repetitive nature of water falling has a calming effect on all who are relaxing in the landscape, in addition to screening
out possible undesirable noises of day to day life such as auto traffic or that of an a/c compressor. Water features can also provide a refuge for
thirsty birds and small animals, while others showcase water loving plants and fish. Colorful fish further increase movement within the
water feature.
Incorporating a water element requires some consideration prior to installation. Usually, a landscape master plan should be designed
to provide a layout for the entire garden space. This will insure a better fusion of the all elements considered for the landscape space
including the water feature. The design and planning of a water element determines the placement, form resolution, and type of material
used to construct the piece. Specifications for pump and electrical considerations are also included during this process. Once all
considerations are taken into effect during the design process, installation will commence.
In closing, water features provide another dimension to the landscape. Once the installation is complete, the landscape becomes
a tranquil outdoor space of relaxation and tranquility throughout the seasons and years.