Windswept Landscape Studios  
Summer 2004
Creating a good landscape involves many components. Several obvious
factors such as sun exposure, soil conditions, such as sun exposure, soil
conditions, drainage, existing plant materials, and site views are just a few items that are taken in to consideration when starting
a landscape project. One must realize that the final installation of a landscape involves a process that includes contacting a
landscape designer, putting together a plan, and finally bringing that design in to reality.
When choosing a landscape designer, a few items should be taken into consideration. The first thing to remember is that a good
landscape designer is willing listen to what the client would like to occur in the proposed outdoor space. The designer basically
acts as vehicle to help take a clients ideas, put them on paper, and finally into reality. Experience and education of landscape
design should also be taken into account when choosing a landscape designer since so many items must be taken into account in
order to create a good landscape garden. Clients should always ask for references of recently completed landscape projects.
Once a landscape designer is chosen and the parameters of the outdoor space have been established, the designer will then
put together a landscape master plan on paper. Site master plans usually consist of a bird’s eye view of the landscape and include
elevations or perspective details of proposed design. If hardscape elements such as pergolas, arbors, water features, pools, or urn
pedestals are involved, constructed details might also be required, depending the complexity of what is proposed. This part of the
process usually takes a few weeks to compose, depending on the size of the outdoor space. The landscape designer often makes
a few site visits in order to put together a good master plan.
After the landscape plan is approved by the client, the landscape plan is then brought into reality. The process begins with the
coordination by the designer of material orders and installation crews which takes place immediately after approval. This step of
the process can take up to one or two weeks depending on the size of the project. Once this has occurred, the client will then see
the actual installation commence. Completion of a
Completion of a project depends entirely
on what is being installed for each particular
project and also with weather conditions.
Finally, the key to creating a great outdoor space
is to realize that it is a process that takes time
to cultivate. Planning ahead is a must, especially
when one wants a completed landscape for a
season or event.