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Kirstenbosch 2005
Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is one of the most spectacular and diverse display of unusual plant species in the world. Located on the eastern slopes of Table Mountain in Cape Town,
South Africa, Kirstenbosch boasts one of the most unique collections of indigenous plants found only on the Cape. This botanical institution is not only known for it’s visual beauty, but also for its major role in research, conservation, and environmental education of the world’s smallest yet most diverse floral kingdom.

Kirstenbosch is largest of the 8 botanical gardens in South Africa and a definite must see for the landscape afficinado. Transformation in to this botanical paradise is immediate upon arrival with sprays of agapanthus, clivia lilies, and bird of paradise in their full display to greet visitors. It is amazing to see familiar plants of Houston’s gardens found in their native environment. Other south African plants such as protea, cycads, yellowwood, and erica(South African Heather) abound throughout the gardens with the surrounding mountains providing a dramatic backdrop.

Visitor’s who might not necessarily have an appreciation for the typical botanical garden will appreciate Kirstenbosch. The layout is more like a public park with open expanses and grand vistas. Adequate time should be allotted for viewing the grounds. During the summer months of December thru March, (seasons are opposite in the southern hemisphere), Kirstenbosch hosts classical concerts every Sunday evening. The mild weather and spectacular sunsets set the ideal mood for a picnic while listening to live music with friends. Be sure to go early for a good spot. South Africans enjoy their picnics and set up spreads that would put a 4 star restaurant to shame!!

When planning a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens should be included the itinerary. Try the following websites for additional information. South African Airways ( offers nonstop flights out of Atlanta and can be reserved with domestic air out of Houston. Information regarding Cape Town ( provides a wealth of information about planning a trip to South Africa. National Botanical Institute ( provides additional information about Kirstenbosch and South Africa’s other botanical gardens.

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