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Define Scope
Initial contact to set up a consultation is usually made by the potential client or by a WLS representative through referral. The first step is talking to the potential client by phone. (Phone call length is usually fifteen to thirty minutes.) We will discuss and collect the client's scope of work, contact information, and site location. An onsite consultation will then be scheduled. This one-time visit provides the opportunity to meet you and discuss landscape ideas. The Contact step includes:
  • Site analysis
  • Discussion of current landscape
  • Discussion of project scope
Windswept Landscape Studios strongly encourages ALL decision makers attend this inital meeting.

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Design & Masterplan Development
Masterplans are overviews of long-term landscape planning and decision making. They help ensure continuity in design and provide guidance for multi-phase plans. Your Masterplan will include:
  • Site analysis and measurements
  • Site research
  • Conceptual designs and/or drawings
  • Site plan
  • Plant list
  • Construction details (if necessary)
A retainer or deposit (usually 50% of the design fee) will be required to start the design layout. The second half of the design is credited towards installation or applied to purchasing the design, should the client do the work him or herself.

Windswept Landscape Studios will present the Masterplan design and estimate to the client for review. At this presentation, the parties will discuss potential revisions in design, cost, and project commencement. Upon final approval of the Masterplan design, the contract must be signed and deposit paid to reserve the materials and installers. Usually, project implementation will begin two or three weeks* upon contract signing and deposit payment.

Masterplan Development costs will be determined after consultation and definition of project scope.

Plans will not be released to the client without an approved contract or paid-in-full design fee.

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Installation Service ensures proper design implementation and use of high-quality plant and construction materials. Our turnkey Installation Service includes:
  • Supervision of design installation
  • Plant procurement
  • Implementation (all at once or in phases)
  • Final walk-through
  • Follow-up consultations
Windswept Landscape Studios will periodically inform the client of any schedule changes and address any client concerns. Upon completion of the project, WLS will walk through the project with the client to make sure everything is complete to the smallest detail.

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*depending upon weather conditions and possible material delays